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Capture, digitization and dematerialization of document content with solutions from a world leader in the field: German Insiders Technologies

OneSolutions, your dematerialization expert, presents the Insiders Technologies solution

Thanks to the ever simpler and faster use of paperless, capture, digitization and content management technologies, companies have the opportunity to break with the habits of the past and can implement solutions that accelerate and improve productivity. and business efficiency. This is one of the stages of the digital transformation that allows the company to remain competitive by adapting to the digital society and taking advantage of the new opportunities it provides. Today, many companies are implementing processes for scanning, recognizing and validating supplier invoices.

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Example of supplier invoice dematerialization flow

What is meant by capture, digitization? Or rather IIM – Intelligent Input Management?

The terminology “capture” or “digitization” is commonly used to designate the capture of the content of a document from its image (document scanned by a scanner, a camera or document from a computer application, often consisting of a white background dotted with pixels which are black or colored dots).

Capture is a process using various analysis technologies (Artificial Intelligence, LAD – Automatic Document Reading, RAD – Automatic Document Recognition, OCR – Optical Character Recognition – optical character recognition, semantic analysis, regular expressions, etc.) that extract content and make it intelligible. English speakers often use the terminology IIM – “Intelligent Input Management” to designate these operations.

Thanks to this first process, workflow processes are integrated which allows automation and a rapid and real return on investment.

We have developed various interfaces and connectors allowing full integration into management solutions (ERP).

In cases where the reliability of the content of the capture or digitization is insufficient, additional processes can be applied. They allow content to be validated in connection with databases or by performing checks and other mathematical operations using artificial intelligence and various connectors and interfaces related to ERP.

Once these various digital processes have been completed, various possibilities for automatic processing are presented to the company’s business departments such as

  • Dematerialization of supplier invoices with workflow integration.
  • Validation flow with accounting allocation mask
  • importing data into accounting

Retrieving ERP data, examples: Customers, suppliers, address book, etc.
the registration of forms and the triggering of operations relating thereto
automatic classification of documents in the right place with the right keywords and metadata
automatic transmission (workflow) to one or more correspondents according to rules

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    OneSolutions specialists have chosen the technologies and solutions offered by a world leader in the field: the German Insiders Technologies.

    This highly specialized company provides a variety of cutting-edge solutions and technologies for intelligent content analysis and recognition that apply to various industries and industries. It sets itself apart from its competitors by its ability to constantly innovate and provide quality products and support.

    Thanks to the experience acquired by specialists at OneSolutions in connection with intelligent content management (the M-Files solution) and the Sagen ERP family, our customers benefit from solutions with very high added value. We are specialists in the dematerialization of supplier invoices with integration into the main management software, ERP on the Swiss market.

    Finally, OneSolutions specializes in the implementation of interfaces and integration via its standard or specific connectors. Example: Sage Start, Sage 50 Extra, Sage 200 Extra, Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3), Abacus, Salesforce, and various ERPs on the market.