Intelligent information management with M-Files

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Intelligent information management with M-Files

Why a business information management solution? Because there are too many silos in organizations and too many systems, applications and directories in which information and documents reside. Therefore, the filing, searching, management, sharing, tracking of documents and files as well as their various versions are a widespread source of waste of time and efficiency. With M-Files, these recurring problems can be solved quickly and easily. M-Files enables significant and measurable productivity gains. M-Files brings so much to a business that its investment pays off in just a few months.

M-Files is the world's leading enterprise content management (ECM).

With M-Files, finding the desired document immediately is possible and easy thanks to its Intelligent Information Management and its multiple connectors to various ERP business applications (Sage, Abacus, etc.) / CRM (Salesforce, Sage CRM, etc.) and Office, etc.

M-Files allow access to documents and other information stored in external sources without any migration. Whether the document you are looking for is in Sharepoint, SalesForce, Dynamics or in Windows shared folders, M-Files will find it instantly and allow the authorized user to consult it on their various devices (smartphones, tablets, Laptops etc.), to integrate it into a workflow or to make it available for offline consultation on a mobile device.


Intelligent information management takes another step forward by integrating into the user interfaces of Office 365 and SalesForce, so that it is no longer necessary to change windows or applications to directly access the documents and files related to the subject dealt with. This is one more step in increasing productivity and making it easier to use.

Dematerialization with M-Files

Industrialization, automation and robotization are at the top of the list of concerns of many executives who have seen their room for maneuver reduced and who have decided to react.

Therefore, thanks to M-Files every action that can allow the company to increase its efficiency, performance and agility must be carefully evaluated. If it turns out that the investment to be made could pay off quickly and even lead to gains, then action should be taken now.

In the field of administrative processing, taking into account the improvement of the user experience with new interfaces and functionalities as well as the introduction of M-Files, equipped with artificial intelligence, made it possible to make a leap forward forward in the automation of many processes.

It is now possible to chain and automate activities that rely on the interconnection and interoperability between various applications and systems that did not communicate in the past. M-Files is fully integrated with Sage and Abacus solutions and thanks to our connectors to an entire ERP ecosystem.

For example, creditors invoice processing can now be fully automated with M-Files and our intelligent recognition solutions. This involves the dematerialization and capture of all invoices received (paper, e-mail, EDI etc.), intelligent analysis of the content (OCR, LAD, RAD, artificial intelligence, regular expressions, semantic analysis, etc. ), automatic verification in connection with the data contained in the ERP, automatic transmission (workflow) of the chain of activities for allocation and validation before accounting recording and automatic classification of electronic documents in the system of corporate content management.

Depending on the volumes and the level of automation desired, the gains in processing speed can be considerable.

The automation of administrative processing is not limited to creditors invoices but applies to many work chains. Thanks to the integration of smartphone applications into the processing chain, it is now possible to participate in a workflow from your iOS / Android device. In other words, the person who needs to validate or approve a transaction or document can do it easily on the go. All supporting documents and other necessary documents are available from any PC, laptop or smartphone.

OneSolutions and M-Files

As indicated on the home page of our website, OneSolutions is a consulting partner in the era of digital transformation. As far as M-Files is concerned, it is an IT solution that allows a smooth and highly efficient first step towards the digital transformation of the company thanks to its numerous functionalities, its integration with the most popular Microsoft products and ERP and CRM (Sage, Abacus, Salesforce, etc.), its workflow and its availability on mobile devices.

The expertise of OneSolutions associated with this formidable driver of change that is M-Files represent considerable assets for customers and prospects who wish to innovate and take advantage of new technologies to increase their power and strengthen their competitiveness. OneSolutions is not only an M-Files partner, but also uses M-Files on a daily basis with complete satisfaction.

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