Entreprise Citoyenne Certifiée
Entreprise Citoyenne Certifiée

Certified Citizen Company

We are an organization whose economic, environmental and social goals coexist while demonstrating that the pursuit of financial benefits is not our only objective.

OneSolutions has obtained the “Certified Citizen Company” label and is recognized by the consideration of social and environmental dimensions in our activities and relations with our interested parties.

With this label we want to differentiate ourselves and guarantee our customers and partners our commitment to sustainable development and continuous improvement.

We are therefore committed in our daily activities to:

  • Governing with vision and integrity
  • Listen to and respect and bring value to our customers and partners
  • Commit to respecting the environment linked to our activities
  • Respect the principle of loyalty in professional and commercial practices
  • Commit to the community, local development
  • Foster lasting relationships with all interested parties
  • Fight against occupational and non-occupational accidents
  • Continuously improve the professional environment
  • Involve employees and capitalize on the talent of each of them
  • Respect fundamental human rights