Digitize your processes

Today it is becoming essential to work intelligently with connected, contextualized and automated content. Our intelligent information management (IIM) solutions increase business productivity, ensure a smooth digital experience, strengthen collaboration, enable business continuity and reduce risk. In this way, your processes gain in speed, security and transparency which facilitates monitoring. We connect your ERP, CRM, etc. systems. to our intelligent information management solutions to ensure the capture, registration and management of documents and information of a company.

Businesses rely on information intelligence management solutions to manage documents and information throughout their lifecycle, making it even easier to dematerialize your processes. Indeed, our solutions allow the digitization of documents, in particular to automate the entire process of managing supplier invoices and also all the relevant information collected on all types of documents.

A project and solutions for your objectives

From our experience, intelligent information management should allow you, among other things, to:

These goals are designed to enable businesses to work smarter with your documents, their content, and company information.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

OneSolutions, Your ERP Integrator

OneSolutions is a human-sized and local company, which allows us to guarantee quality follow-up with our clients on their Intelligent Information Management (IIM) integration project.

We have been supporting our clients on market-recognized IIM solutions for more than 10 years. We have become a recognized player thanks to our collaborative approach focused on success and providing high added value to our clients.

We offer innovative digital management solutions focused on cloud technology. The deployment of quality projects and meeting the needs of our customers are essential for us.

Our customers are the center of our attention and their satisfaction is paramount. We do everything in our power to guarantee excellence, particularly through our quality management system.

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What is intelligent information management?

Information at your service, when you need it. This has been the objective pursued since the emergence of document management. Intelligent information management takes all the good aspects of document management, and adds new ones, such as visibility and integration between systems and repositories (ERP, CRM, etc.), as well as automation increased business processes. Intelligent information management is essential for today’s businesses.

Connect silos

It's not about where the data is stored, it's about delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right person.

No need to know where your information is stored

In addition to serving as a storage location, M-Files also gives you the ability to access other systems and archives to find, edit, and manage documents.

You just need to know the nature of the content

To facilitate your research, all your files and documents are identified according to their nature (which project, which client, which user).

We make your life easier

Not only can you find your content easily, even when using other systems as a user interface, but you can also take advantage of automation to manage routine tasks and workflow compliance.

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Document Management

This is where it all started, and document management remains an essential use case. Documents should be stored, tracked and managed in electronic format.

With intelligent information management …

Intelligent information management can do all of this across all of your systems. And it adds the intelligence dimension that allows you to automate your document management routines.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ECM extends the reach of traditional document management with timelines and processes. It connects people, processes and technologies in a meaningful way.

With intelligent information management …

The IIM extends this unique repository by taking a neutral approach to the back- and front-end solutions used to store and access data.