OneSolutions, has the IIM Experience you are looking for. We are experts in the integration of intelligent information management solutions.

If you plan to initiate the process to equip yourself with intelligent information management solutions, the choice of your partner will be as important or even more important than that of the solution. With the digital transformation of businesses accelerating and requiring intelligent information management, implementation by experts is essential in order to achieve your goals.

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OneSolutions, our added value, as an expert in intelligent information management

Nos principes essentielles partagé par l’ensemble des équipes OneSolutions



    Expertise is the key to the success of an IIM project. We invest heavily in the training and certification of our teams. Perfect knowledge of the solutions we offer is a guarantee of success.



    Our common success can only be guaranteed by the active collaboration of all stakeholders and at all levels.



    We are continually committed to bringing you added value in a return on investment dimension and in a spirit of sustainability.



    We are convinced that thanks to openness, respect and transparency with our customers, partners and our teams we can create a culture of trust and guarantee the realization of your IIM project.



    In an increasingly competitive and demanding market, the responsiveness of our specialists has become an essential requirement to guarantee top quality service. We are committed to having local and proximity resources. While retaining the strength of our international collaborations, allowing us to bring additional expertise.



    The pursuit of excellence is the common denominator of all our employees in order to meet the high demands of our customers and partners. We are also committed to offering future-oriented working conditions based on mobility and trust. We are convinced that to ensure Excellence for our customers, we must provide the best possible working environment.

Our IIM Experience

A complete vision of IIM

OneSolutions, through its experience in Intelligent Information Management, has enabled us to develop a wide range of skills ranging from document management, intelligent invoice recognition, full integration with ERP, information sharing via business portals. Over the years, we have become a leading and recognized partner of the market both in the diversity of our customers, their sectors of activity and in terms of size.

Our main asset, we come from ERP

Thanks to our experience in ERP integration, we stand out from our competitors in the field of Intelligent Information Management. Indeed, we come from the ERP business and we know the challenges of setting up a management system. Our expertise in business processes and integration allow us to differentiate ourselves in the understanding and quality of the implementation. These are clear advantages when it comes to analyzing your needs. Do you only need standard features or more? Are your internal processes adequate? Will any add-ons be relevant?

A lasting partnership focused on customer success

By listening to our customers every day, our objective is to satisfy them by respecting the negotiated requirements and going above and beyond by constantly seeking excellence in the quality of our services. We are looking for mutually beneficial long-term partnerships and we rely on continuous improvement and innovation to boost our development, expand our offers and provide the best solution to our customers.

Knowledge of the business of your company

It is just as important to call on an ERP integrator who has real know-how in your industry. With expertise in your sector or business, the integrator will be better able to analyze your problems more precisely, respond to them effectively and make your project more productive. We have extensive experience in different industries and thanks to our network of partnerships and experts, we make every effort to bring together the best team for your project.

Integration of IIM solutions at OneSolutions

We are your privileged interlocutor with our experts to advise you on the choices and we support you in the face of technological and human changes.

In order to provide you with the benefit of our experience in project management and the integration of our IIM solutions, we notably offer our Customer Success approach. This approach makes it possible to make the functional link between the client and the project manager, thanks to the Assistance to:


The definition of the project:

expression of customer (or user) needs, conduct of the opportunity study, feasibility study - drafting of specifications, assessment of impacts and risks ...


Project management:

animation of a working group, coordination of work, reception of deliverables, participation in tests, acceptance (verification of the conformity of deliverables in the light of the requirements recorded in the specifications), user training, change management ...



development and production of indicators, monitoring of project progress, planning and deadlines - preparation and / or animation of steering committees - quality monitoring ...