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Intelligent information management with M-Files

OneSolutions, your M-Files integrator partner, presents the solution

OneSolutions' expertise in facilitating your digital transformation manifests itself in the seamless integration of M-Files into your ecosystem, regardless of the tools you already use.

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Your benefits when using M-Files

M-Files allows you, among other things, to:

Optimize your internal processes and improve the day-to-day management of the company thanks to the intelligent management of your information.

The dematerialization of your invoices

The dematerialization of invoices applies to both supplier invoices and customer invoices.

Thanks to this you, dematerialize, automate, optimize, centralize and save.

This is the opportunity to rethink your validation processes and flows.

For supplier invoices, the digitization and automation of the process from the receipt of invoices, whether by email or by post, to the injection and accounting allocation in your finance software is possible thanks to the implementation of reputable solutions on the market and above all by relying on the experience and expertise of our teams.

Managing your expense reports

The digitization of your expense reports using the M-Files mobile application allows you to instantly save your invoices, receipts and miscellaneous expense tickets by simply taking a photo.

The expense report is no more or less than a document that must be stored centrally and follow a validation process for payment in the same way as a supplier invoice.

La gestion de vos contrats

Get rid of the hassle of having to set a reminder not to miss a deadline in the review or renewal of your contracts.

Thanks to the development of logics in this field by our experts, you will be able to focus on value-added activities.

Managing your employees' documents

The management of documents related to employees is a sensitive subject and it is essential to acquire tools that meet security standards on data protection.

M-Files not only meets various ISO standards such as ISO 27001 on system security but also the European GDPR standard (General Data Protection Regulation).

Based on our experience, an HR portal is often set up for total autonomy in maintaining data by employees and managing vacations while accessing their private documents in a completely secure way.

Managing your quality documents

Why not integrate and centralize quality with the management of all other documents in your organization.

This is now possible. M-Files has developed a module dedicated to this important theme for our customers.

Your quality management system (QMS) must allow you to comply with quality standards and requirements, this is a pledge to your customers and partners.

Electronic signature is the secure alternative for remote signers

Today it is no longer necessary to go to the office to sign a whole pile of documents.

Various electronic signature methods are available to you according to your needs and legal restrictions. This can range from simple validation through a validation flow for documents such as invoices, to signing a contract using external solutions such as DocuSign, Adobe Acrobat Sign or others.

Our experts will be able to advise you on the appropriate signing method depending on the situation and your needs.

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More efficient search for documents and information.

OneSolutions and M-Files

OneSolutions is a consulting partner in the era of digital transformation. M-Files, is an IT solution that allows you to smoothly and efficiently take a simple and quick first step towards the digital transformation of your company thanks to its many features, its integration with Microsoft products and the most widespread ERPs and CRMs (Sage, Abacus, Salesforce, etc.), its workflow and its availability on mobile devices.

The expertise of OneSolutions associated with this formidable vector of change that is M-Files represent considerable assets for customers and prospects who wish to innovate and take advantage of new technologies to increase their power and strengthen their competitiveness. OneSolutions is not only an M-Files partner, but also uses M-Files on a daily basis with complete satisfaction.

Our reciprocal commitment dates back to 2015 and we collaborate together on the implementation of various projects with great success and satisfaction of our customers.

Our experts are here to help you better understand our Solutions