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ERP software: for efficient management of your business processes

OneSolutions, your Infoniqa Competence Center (Ex SAGE), leader in Switzerland, presents the solution

With Infoniqa (Ex Sage) solutions, whatever the size of your business, their SMB software matches your needs. From simple software for accounting and finance, to payroll and HR software, to complete ERP software that best reflects all of your business processes. OneSolutions, your Infoniqa (Ex Sage) Competence Center, supports you in choosing your management solution, its implementation and training. We have developed connectors to allow even more productivity tools to be linked to Infoniqa (Ex Sage), (M-Files, business solutions, etc.).

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OneSolutions provides you with its Cloud expertise for Infoniqa (Ex Sage) solutions. Thanks to the Cloud you have access to your data at all times. Contact our specialists for more information.

Infoniqa ONE Start

Available in four versions, each including payroll management. Depending on the offer, you are able to manage the salaries of up to 100 employees.

  • Professional payslips without prior knowledge
  • Effective collaboration with social insurance and tax authorities
  • Swissdec 4.0 certified
  • Easy online collaboration with trustees

Compliant with Swiss legislation

Easy-to-use accounting software, allowing you to keep accounts and payroll management in accordance with the latest Swiss legal standards.

Infoniqa ONE 50 ERP

The ERP system for SMEs in Switzerland: financial accounting, payroll and trade with order processing and inventory management, all in one software.

  • Profitably drive buying and selling processes.
  • Expand your sales channels and realize your turnover online.
  • Keep your payroll accounting quickly, automatically and in accordance with the legislation in the ERP software, for 10 to 250 employees.
  • Work according to the most recent standards: ISO 20022 and the Swissdec quality label.
  • With digital account reconciliation and automated bank account reconciliation, accounting and e-banking are always in sync.
  • With the Entry, Basic, Advanced and Expert product lines, choose the range of functions that suits you best for your ERP system.

Ready for half a million SMEs

Infoniqa ONE 200 ERP

The ERP software for managing finances, customer relations, payroll and human resources, as well as order processing. Specially designed for medium and large Swiss companies.

  • Ensure maximum transparency on finances, costs, cash flow, etc.
  • Manage procurement, storage and sales processes in a highly efficient and automated way.
  • Create uniform HR processes across multiple locations and cantons.
  • With Business Intelligence, make informed decisions based on current business and business data.
  • The innovative architecture allows you to integrate market-leading e-commerce solutions, as well as mobile apps and web-based third-party applications.
  • On your way to digitization, this ERP system lets you benefit from current standards such as ZUGFeRD 2.0 / Factur-X, EBICS, Swissdec and ISO 20022.

Your advantages with the Infoniqa ONE 200 modular ERP

One iBizup

One i-bizup is the fully integrated cloud version with the ONE Start, ONE 50 and ONE 200 solutions (Ex Sage). Indeed, the ONE Start, ONE 50 and ONE 200 solutions are leaders in the accounting and payroll market in Switzerland. Thanks to the One i-bizup module, this makes it possible to provide a real affordable ERP for SMEs in the Swiss market.

One i-bizup includes modules for operational and strategic management:

  • Purchase/Sale process
  • Management of articles and stock
  • Advanced Billing Management
  • Intervention management
  • Project and time management. fees and billing
  • Custom development

Thanks to i-bizup’s development flexibility, the solution makes it possible to meet each specific need of our customers.

One i-bizup, a complete management software

OneSolutions Infoniqa (Ex Sage) Connecteur

Our specialists have created dozens of interfaces with business or document management solutions, for example M-Files. The OneSolutions connector is not just a simple plug that you plug on one side into your ERP and the other into its document management or any other software with which data must be exchanged. It is a technology made up of a set of programs and functions which, associated with document management and in connection with your other applications, automates and accelerates numerous administrative, repetitive or low-value-added tasks.

Thanks to the interoperability made possible between the structured data contained in the ERP with that contained in other applications, as well as with the unstructured data extracted from the scanned documents whose content has been recognized (captured).

In other words, the connector from OneSolutions can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. The connector exists in several variants which vary according to the nature of the ERP and the functional coverage sought.

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