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Your business is growing, customers are happy and you have good market share. No time to rest. Now is the time to seek out greater efficiency, flexibility, and insight so you can take your business to the next level.

One Solutions can help growing businesses integrating Sage Business Cloud X3 – the next generation of ERP systems. It is faster, simpler and more flexible than traditional ERP systems. It is also a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a better way to manage your entire business, Sage Business Cloud X is the solution you’re looking for.

OneSolutions provides you with its Cloud expertise for Sage solutions. Thanks to the Cloud you have access to your data at all times. Contact our specialists for more information.

Sage X3


Transform the way your business competes and grows with a simpler, faster, and more flexible business management solution at a cost and complexity unlike traditional ERP systems. From purchasing and warehousing to production, sales, customer service and financial management, Sage X3 offers a better way to manage your entire business, on a global scale.

Deveho (Switzerland) SA is the result of a joint venture between Deveho Consulting Group and OneSolutions SA – Sage X3

In order to offer a 100% Sage X3 presence: trust, proximity, availability of consultants, Quality of service (local support/assistance).

International pooling: Multicultural teams who know how to manage and adapt to complex environments, and regulatory and tax locations of Sage X3 in Switzerland and other countries.

OneSolutions Sage X3 Connecteur for M-Files

Our specialists have created dozens of interfaces with business or document management solutions, for example M-Files. The OneSolutions connector is not just a simple plug that you plug on one side into your ERP and the other into its document management or any other software with which data must be exchanged. It is a technology made up of a set of programs and functions which, associated with document management and in connection with your other applications, automates and accelerates numerous administrative, repetitive or low-value-added tasks thanks to the interoperability made possible between the structured data contained in the ERP with that contained in other applications, as well as with the unstructured data extracted from the scanned documents whose content has been recognized (captured).

In other words, the connector from OneSolutions can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. The connector exists in several variants which vary according to the nature of the ERP and the functional coverage sought.

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